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Airedale Terrier Club

Airedale Terriers.... intelligent & versatile

ATCI* has been established as a non-profit organization comprised of fanciers, breeders, and exhibitors.  The objectives of this Club are:

    1. To promote an interest in the Airedale Terrier.
    2. To protect and advance the breed.
    3. To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed.

*ATCI is licensed by the American Kennel Club ( AKC )

The ATCI has a membership of over 30 Airedale enthusiasts.  Each member has different interest, including enjoying their Airedales as a family member, and attending obedience, tracking, agility, rally or conformation events.  All of us love to spend time with our intelligent and versatile 'dales.  Our club strives to assist in all areas and relies on club members to organize and volunteer with activities.  All membership dues and fundraisers are used to support club activities and Airedales.

The ATCI Rescue was organized to help place Airedales in need of a home.  While breeders are expected to track and care for Airedales of their own breeding; lost, or abandoned Airedales needing placement, can be found in shelters.  Rescue takes these dogs, evaluates them and prepares them for adoption in suitable homes or foster homes.  Please contact rescue committee members listed in the committee section if you want to adopt an Airedale, help foster an Airedale, assist rescue as a volunteer or know of an Airedale in a shelter that needs immediate rescue.  If you bought an Airedale from a breeder and can no longer keep the Airedale, it is recommended that you contact the breeder first for assistance.