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Airedale Terrier Club

Airedale Terriers.... intelligent & versatile

Our Working Groups

Breed Rescue

Christine Vitosh  
815-993-2832 [email protected]

Breeder Referral

Christine Vitosh  
815-993-2832 [email protected]

Public Education Coordinator

Lin Harnett
847-322-3678  [email protected]

Grooming Classes

Heather Roozee
815-754-0200  [email protected]

Barbara Brown
847-256-2515 [email protected]

Obedience Training
Bill and Gloria Urquhart
847-825-3318   [email protected]

Tracking and Agility
Barbara Denofrio 
630-625-6092 [email protected]

Newsletter Editor

Linn Hartnett   [email protected]